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Welcome to the archives of the Entrepreneur's Mind. In these pages lie the first-hand accounts from successful and well-known entrepreneurs detailing how they started from scratch and built their flourishing companies. Other topics that are covered in this ever-growing resource include first hand accounts and advice about business plan creation, copyrights and trademarks, and marketing and sales strategies. These stories are here to share the knowledge on the many issues of growing a business from the people who have already spent countless hours achieving what new and growing entrepreneurs aspire to.
Keynote Entrepreneurs
HandsOnToys Inc. The makers of the soft, sculpture toys Toobers & Zots describe their ascention into Toy business success.
Nantucket Nectars These juice guys talk about their growth from a dockside shanty on Nantucket into a multi-million dollar new age beverage company.
id Software From a living room in Shreveport, Louisianna to nearly every computer screen in the world, the makers of the Doom and Quake computer games explain their wild growth.
Bertucci's Inc. This serial entrepreneur describes his success in building a national and publicly held Italian restaurant chain after pioneering the gourmet ice cream business.
Mecklermedia Mecklermedia - after nearly 30 years of trying to grow a company, the founder of the world's larget Internet Media company explains how his perseverance paid off.
The Experts' Corner
Arthur Andersen The director of the Emerging Business Consulting group describes the strategy to creating an effective business plan.
PixelVision The VP of Sales and Marketing at this computer flat-screen powerhouse explains the secrets to an effective sales and marketing stategy.
Bingham, Dana & Gould This prestigious law firm explains the importance of establishing effective intellectual property protection including copyrights and patents.
M.T.D.C. A venture capital firm talks about their selection criteria and unwritten rules for selecting new ventures to invest in.
Launch Pad
Vu Points Fun and functional lifestyle objects are the mantra for this upstart product development company trying to reinvent an old industry with new style.
Secure Technologies This 20-something entrepreneur strives to build his greatest venture yet with a novel distance detection technology that has applications in multi-hundred million dollar markets.
Global Perspective
Venture Capital in the U.K. On the heels of angel investors in the U.S., European investors are increasing their interest in western techniques for venture funding.
Arthur Andersen LLP
The Trade-Off Game An entrepreneur that can build a venture may not be ideally suited to maintain the company during its maturity. An Andersen executive describes the challenges that many successful entrepreneur face.
Key Strategies for Small Business The role of the accountant in a new business venture has evolved far beyond crunching numbers. An Andersen partner explains key planning that new business ventures should utilize.

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