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Welcome to The Entrepreneur's Mind. The EM is a Web resource that presents an array of real-life stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts on the many different facets of entrepreneurship and emerging business.

Each story in the EM presents in-depth profiles of entrepreneurs and how they grew their successful companies, as well as interviews with industry professionals discussing an aspect of starting and growing a new business venture.

Keynote Speaker Keynote Entrepreneur - Pete's Wicked Ale
Step up to the bar and have a listen to how Pete's Brewing Company became one of the most successful speciality brewers in the land with a multi-million dollar business and a firm position in the growing micro brew industry.
The Expert's Corner Expert's Corner - Dr. Jeff Shuman
Dr. Jeff Shuman, a leading academic and industry expert on emerging business, discusses the process in his upcoming book called "The Rhythm of Business" that articulates the actions of natural born entrepreneurs and their abilities to start multiple successful ventures.
Launch Pad Launch Pad - Espresso Armando
The founder of Espresso Armando is aggressively trying to grab a share of the exploding espresso coffee business in the U.S. by building a superior espresso brewing machine amidst the domination of this marketplace by European competitors.
Global Perspectives Global Perspective
The fall of the Soviet Union has opened the doors for small businesses in neighboring Finland to supply products and services to the emerging Russian marketplace. A leading consultant explains the growing opportunities in the land of a former enemy.
Arthur Andersen Arthur Andersen
Partners from Arthur Andersen explain how the taxation of Cyberspace has become such an important issue as the promise of unbounded commerce conducted on the Internet changes all of the rules for the taxing of sales transactions.

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